Vision of Love (A Center Stage Love Story Act Two)

Kathryn R.

Tabitha Stetson is trying to keep a low profile. Once a member of the Sassy Cats, she now holds one of the biggest secrets of Hollywood and has no idea what to do with her life. She goes to New York for a break and to find some meaning. Henderson Quade wants Tabitha to be part of one of his shows. But what he doesn’t expect is to develop strong feelings for Tabitha. The way he feels when she sings just grabs him. Henderson lives a code, which includes not getting involved with actresses, but there is something different about Tabitha that he can’t quite put his finger on. Breaking all his rules, Henderson may just give Tabitha what she has been looking for. The question is whether they will give in to the passion? Or will it tear them apart, in more ways than one?

From the outset, this book is one that promises to have some quirky dialogue, fun characters and a cool storyline. Despite being a little cliched, the story offers many positives including the evenly paced plot that will keep readers turning the pages. There are some awesome descriptions that make it easy for readers to clearly envision the scenes in their minds. All in all, this is a sweet and enjoyable contemporary romance fans of the genre will adore. Kathryn R. Biel and this series are most certainly something to look forward to. It will be interesting to see where the “Center Stage Love Story” series goes from here.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick