The Vintner and The Vixen (Vintage Love #1)


Maya Tessier finds her new home, which is a beautiful cottage located on a large French Estate with a vineyard and family winery, a welcome sight. She fled her past in Canada and hopes it doesn't catch up anytime soon. She inherited the cottage with part of the vineyard from her grandmother. Her Grandmother was once engaged to Charles who still lives on the estate with his two grandsons; Daniel, a professional race car driver, and Jacques; a very successful businessman. The grumpy Jaques has quit women and with his painful past, who could blame him? The French Chateau with winery makes the perfect place for Maya to hide out and focus on her art. How long can she keep her bad girl image and past a secret?

The suspense of the hunt by Big Tony will keep readers glued to the pages and chuckling along the way. The sexual tension will also keep readers intrigued to the very end. “The Vintner and The Vixen” is very well written. Ms. Adams has a knack for quick wit and romantic banter like no other. Told from both female and male perspectives this makes for a fun ride! Readers will fall in love with the characters and appreciate the wine knowledge. Many may be left wanting more, as the end comes all too quickly, but there is also a mysterious new beginning in store for the hero and heroine, and a bit of a cliffhanger. Here’s hoping book two continues to follow their next adventure and beyond. Cheers!

Viola Robbins