Vanilla With A Twist


Tandy is a single mom who had a son out of wedlock seventeen years ago. Wanting a better life, she packed up her son and moved into town where she started an ice-cream shop. Money is tight and the machinery she needs to make her homemade concoctions keeps breaking down. Enter Deacon, a man who owns his own company and understands the frustration of keeping it successful. Deacon is on a forced vacation due to stress and wanders into Tandy’s shop. He sees her struggling to repair one of the machines, steps in to offer his expertise, and soon has the machine fixed. Tandy repays him by offering free ice-cream during his stay.

“Vanilla with a Twist” is a sweet romance that develops between two adults who have been through some rough times.  Deacon is a standup guy one can depend upon. Tandy is headstrong to the point of being stubborn. Readers will enjoy the friendship that develops between Tandy and Deacon. It is not a hot burning romance, but rather a slow build up as strangers become friends and then lovers. 

For somebody in her thirties, Tandy initially acts like a teenage girl. She has not evolved from her teenage pregnancy days and still has the idea that she has to do everything for herself. Her attitude is off-putting to the reader and some may quit reading as a result. By the end of the book, however, Tandy’s attitude changes considerably. She grows up and accepts the blessing of Deacon in her life and finally allows herself to live without guilt. Kudos to the author for evolving Tandy’s character and helping her accept Deacon.

Carly Fulmer