The Vacuum Chronicles

Rick Johnson,
Natalie Alder

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Myles Mitchell is a 32 year-old geeky accountant with very few social skills, especially around women. His lack of intimacy with a woman has bloomed into an obsession with vacuum cleaners, and boy howdy, he knows his vacuums. Myles has taken up frequenting Daly’s Diner for lunch, and one of the waitresses has caught his eye. Now, if he could just get past the awkwardness and get to know her, maybe he might have a shot with her.

Yvette Luponski thinks that Myles is handsome and hunky, and when he sits in her section at Daly’s she realizes that he’s a really nice guy…just a bit inept. Since Myles eats every day at Daly’s their friendship grows, and Yvette begins to realize that Myles has never been romantically involved with a woman. If their relationship continues on this path, she will just have to teach him everything she knows. 

“The Vacuum Chronicles” is a well-written romantic comedy. One will find humor in certain parts of this story; however, most of it seems a bit more odd than funny. The vacuum cleaner aspect is funny, and honestly, different than anything out there. It’s just not enough to get past the strangeness of the relationship between Myles and Yvette, and the lack of depth of the main players. The story just doesn’t come across as romantic or comedic. The writing is the star in this book, and if one is looking for something “different”, this just might fit the bill. Readers beware: this story contains usage of household appliances for sexual gratification.

Lynne Bryant