William and Annie, two people from the same part of Seattle, WA, find each other while on a European walking vacation. They experience a mutual and immediate physical attraction and slowly give into it while spending more time together abroad. The cast of characters that accompany them on their group tour are a funny bunch, and they bond as if they are family traveling together. William and Annie discover they share a connection from back home and are unsure if they can be together because of it. 


Just as William thought he was moving on with his life after the death of his wife, he is knocked back to square one. The painful event that ties them together causes the tug of war with their emotions, and makes for a rocky relationship and a questionable future.


The plot and story line of this sweet escape read are easy to follow, however, the flow gets a bit choppy. The reader may find that some areas of the story are skimmed over or rushed, leaving one frustrated and wanting more details. Miller has a fantastic way of describing the cast of characters, however, and the experience of the walking tour was filled with great elements of landscapes, painting a beautiful romantic setting for a chance on love. 

Julie Caicco