NEW ADULT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Jennifer will be twenty-one in two months, and she wants to lose her virginity!  She’s had the chance, things just haven’t worked out.   Her roommates are her best friends - Christian and Luke are like brothers who watch out for her, and her girlfriends Chloe and Kinsley are there when she needs help.  But now to find that lucky guy….  When Christian takes Jennifer to a family party, she meets Dain, and her fantasy starts to click.  He’s gorgeous, comes from money, and is in love with her – Jenn’s falling hard!   But Luke is acting like he’s jealous, warning her about boys like Dain.   When Dain turns out to be like all the others, her heart breaks, and she wonders if she’ll ever find “the one”.  


“V-Card” is a deceptively deep story about a young girl’s discovery about life and relationships.  The tale explores the desires of a young girl to be loved and cherished, and about how your best friends are the ones who tell you what you need to hear.  The triangle of Jenn, Dain, and Luke is the focal point, unexpected but well written.  Jenn finds love in unexpected places, and learns that there is more to love than she thinks.  Highly recommended!


Victoria Z. Burg