Until We Kissed

Heather B.

Livvy Harmon, the librarian in a small tourist town in Colorado, is loving her life of being an almost-doctors’ wife. Or is she? It’s exactly what she has always dreamed of, and now it is almost coming true. But they only have a date every couple of weeks and one small kiss isn’t exactly romantic. On top of that, her doctor boyfriend, Dr. Slade McKinney, keeps cancelling their dates and rescheduling to accommodate everyone else.

One would think that Livvy’s life is near perfect until she meets a mysterious man—who looks homeless—in her library. Livvy finds out that he is one of her favorite writers, Mason Rowe, spending time in her library trying to write his next novel. Mason Rowe is a very handsome guy, but he’s intent on maintaining his privacy so he can get rid of his writer’s block and write. He likes Livvy but not her jealous boyfriend.

This loveable story may live in the minds of every single lady in the world, but it actually happens to Livvy. When things get serious and the two main characters become romantically involved, readers will find passionate kisses, but everything else comes to a halt as the story keeps the two lovers at arm’s length.  Readers will find themselves wondering if things will get hotter or become cold with the next chapter. But relationships in this story take time to develop, and even a little distance can’t stop Livvy and Mason’s connection from blooming into an unexpected surprise. Readers will love this up-to-date romance and will be excited to read Ms. Moore’s the next offering.

Jodi Martines