Unsafe Haven

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After surviving the controlling, abusive relationship of her ex-fiance Conroy Herington, Kendall Martin needs to reinvent herself. Buying a sporting goods store, sight unseen, she moves to the isolated village of Staamat, Alaska. Soon after arriving she meets Denn Nulo, and her hesitation where men are concerned starts to wane. As their feelings for one another grow, Kendall must deal with a dangerously jealous woman who has had her sights set on Denn for years.

Denn knows everyone in Staamat.  Except for his college years he has lived there all his life.  When his mother passed away he quit college and came home to care for his 13 year-old sister, Luna. Denn is good, kind and caring.  He is also the Chief of Police. Although he is attracted to Kendall from the get-go, he also realizes trust is an issue for Kendall.  He must build a relationship slowly, and make sure that his sister’s needs are met as well. When he learns of Kendall’s past, he vows to protect her at all costs.

Char Chaffin writes amazingly likable characters, while at the same time writing completely evil bad guys!  One’s emotions run the gamut while reading this novel: fear for Kendall, love for Denn, humor, teenaged angst, and all out hate for Conroy Herington!  This novel will captivate  from the very first page and continue to enthrall right up to the happily ever after....finally leaving one with a satisfied sigh of pleasure!

Tonya Smalley