Unlock My Heart (Scarred Hearts Book 2)


Abby Marlow is a powerful coding expert who gets hired at one of the best IT security firms in the country. She’s finally reached her goal of becoming financially independent after the turmoil she experienced in her childhood. However, the CEO of the company, Ted Endicott, may be the only thing standing in her way of success. Ted has been hard of hearing since he was young and has always struggled with being judged by people because of his hearing. Something about Abby, though, has him intrigued. Not only is she gorgeous and smart, but she doesn’t treat him differently because of his hearing. Is he willing to risk falling in love with one of his brand-new employees?

Not only is this a romantic slow-burn story of love, but also a realistically intense story of two similar beings who do their best to avoid their attractions to one another, whilst dealing with a huge catastrophic crisis at their company. Ms. Wilck does an amazing job of keeping the reader interested and building the love the two have for one another without rushing into any intense relationship. At one point, the author does use the “only one bed” trope, which feels a bit overused and cliché. Though, this scene does set up an intense climax, keeping readers on their toes anticipating the big conflict as it comes full circle. Ted is very pushy at the beginning, but his development, along with the rest of the characters is worth waiting for, and the author does a beautiful job of neatly tying up all the loose ends at the end.

Austen Grace