Unlikely (L.A. Nights #1)


Sophie Reid, a makeup artist for a Los Angeles movie studio, is late and stuck in horrible traffic. When she hears the reason for the tangled mess is a loose dog on the roadway, she jumps out of her car to lend a hand in capturing the pup. Ryan Becker is an attorney also stuck in the traffic jam, who aids in the capture of the pooch. Attracted to the girl with sunflower yellow hair in her yellow VW beetle, Ryan decides to go back to the shelter and adopt the dog, Sophie has already struck her claim to the dog and they meet up again at the shelter. These two are from total opposite ends of the spectrum which hinders their connection. Judgments are made and feelings are protected. Can these two duke it out in the board room when Sophie’s union strikes or are their two worlds not made to ever collide?

Ms. Fox gives the reader lighthearted and fun read with “Unlikely”. Readers are immediately drawn in with these unlikely dynamic personalities, wondering if they will ever hit it off. The suit and the Goth chick are ever-present and well-portrayed. The plot and flow of the story have an even tempo and a fun side along with the business and union strike. The conflict between two different upbringings and how the characters handle it gracefully is refreshing. It is slightly predictable and the quick pace may leave reader wanting for more. The ending is abrupt, perhaps another chapter or an epilogue would have tied up some loose ends.  Still, this makes for a great “opposites attract” dish to devour!

Julie Caicco