The Unfaithful Widow

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Tess Malone is devastated and depressed at the loss of her husband of twenty years.  Before she has time to deal with his sudden death, she becomes aware of his double life in New York City. When she goes to investigate her husband’s shocking secret life, she meets a devastatingly handsome, charming and very kind younger man.  Sparks fly, even though Tess thought her possibility of loving again long gone, especially after finding out about her husband’s betrayal. 

Greg Thomas is very drawn to her and love develops quickly between them. However, his own family obligations threaten to separate them before they can even discover where their romantic bond will lead.
The Unfaithful Wife has a story that grabs the reader’s sympathy and hopes for a happy ending for its likable heroine. Greg is somewhat too good to be true, including a background that stretches the boundaries of credibility.  The reveal of Greg’s true identity makes it harder to take this story seriously because it seems unlikely in such a modern day, real world setting.  This part aside, the story is interesting and the relationship between Tess and Greg, told from her viewpoint, has well-written sexual chemistry and emotional intensity.  Interactions between Tess and her saucy best friend, Dawn add to the appeal of this story.  The Unfaithful Wife has a chick-lit vibe with a sizeable dose of fairy tale that would appeal to a romance reader looking for older main characters.

Danielle Hill