The Unexpected Choice

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Stacey Ingram is devastated.  Her parents are gone, her grandfather has died, and she is all alone.  So why has Joey McCrary started coming over and why is he coming on so strong?  They grew up together, but they aren’t close now, something isn’t right. 
Joey’s womanizing has finally gotten him into trouble, and he needs help.  His girlfriend Cameron is pregnant and in prison;  he needs a wife to raise his child, or the baby will have to live in foster care. So, why not Stacey?  They’re friends, she would be a good mother. As Joey sees it, it that fact that they don’t love each other doesn’t really matter, they need each other.  Stacey, a Christian, has other thoughts.  She wants to marry for love, and she doesn’t believe in divorce.   Can she settle for what Joey is offering and raise someone else’s child, especially when Joey could leave her when Cameron gets out?
 “The Unexpected Choice” is a contemporary story about a young couple trying to make it against the odds as they work together to do the right thing against the backdrop of today’s morals.   Given Stacey’s Christian stance, Joey’s continual quest to sleep with her becomes frustrating, even for the reader.  More background on Joey’s relationship with his girlfriend would also add more depth and understanding.   Even so, this soulful story about a young woman being asked to sacrifice her dreams for another is written with tenderness as the reader falls in love with this couple on their journey of growth and discovery!

Victoria Z. Burg