Undone: A Sexy Romantic Adventure (Blood Opal Series Book 1)


On an early morning in New Orleans, Elektra Chapentier is about to unlock the door to her antique shop when a force pulls her attention.  She looks up into the eyes of her past love - eyes she hasn't seen in over a year. The look in those eyes tells her he has missed her as much as she has missed him. There was an opal that stood in the way of their romance, and Cass has been searching for it in order to prove his love and win his way back to Electra’s heart. Elektra has to explain what happened and how she attempted to save them both from an unfortunate fate. But will Cass understand? Can they get pass the loss and  discovery of the infamous blood opal?


Ms. Quinn’s vivid vocabulary will have readers clinging to this steamy love story from the very start. The first four chapters are all steam! There is a romantic history between the two main characters that is undeniable. The plot and tempo of the story is evenly paced and with a supporting back story, readers will stay engaged. Some suspense and danger add to the heat of this book and make for some meat to this story which keeps readers wondering how it all will end. Readers may also enjoy a longer story with more adventures of Elektra and Cass, as this is a very quick read. "Undone" looks to be the beginning of a series.  When other titles become available readers should earmark more of Ms. Quinn’s works.


Julie Caicco