Undercover Heat (Tough Love) 


FBI agent Kyra Sanders left Dallas for Detroit with the hope of closing a case she’d worked for two years. For Kyra, it was personal. The accused had had an affair with her boyfriend and the FBI agent was determined to bring her in. Kyra’s boss assigns fellow agent Quinn Daniels to work with her. New to town, Quinn has some issues of his own. With a criminal for a father, he wants nothing more than to catch the bad guys, and he definitely doesn’t want any kind of romantic relationship. The two pose as a married couple and work to catch the perp in action, and in doing so, sparks fly. 


“Undercover Heat” is a romantic suspense novel with well-developed characters, a solid storyline and sexy scenes. Ms. Lund does an excellent job of moving the story forward with witty dialogue, strong, interesting scenes and suspense that may not completely keep one guessing, but definitely hold interest. The author pays attention to detail, providing just enough to keep the reader interested, but not overwhelmed. The book was enjoyable and fun to read, and while the story was strong, the plot could have offered more twists to add to the suspense. Readers who like independent heroines and tortured heroes that can’t stand each other or stand to be apart will enjoy the frustrating connection between Kyra and Quinn. 


Haidee Marx