Under the Cherry Tree


CHICK-LIT:  Jenni Meadows owns her own dog-grooming business, but she dreams of expanding "Telling Tails" into something more. When her mom hands her a brochure for a property that meets all of her requirements and then some, she buys Cherry Tree Farm. Between the renovations and the push to get everything in place for the grand re-opening, Jenni has little time for anything else. But that hasn't stopped her unearthly houseguest from pushing her towards a certain veterinarian by the name of Scott Turner. Even her adorable Westie, Millie, only has puppy dog eyes, canine smiles and a wagging tail for the man. All Jenni sees when she looks at Scott is a surly expression and a ring on the third finger of his left hand. What do they see in him that she doesn't? 

“Under the Cherry Tree” is a quintessential summer read. With a strong storyline, vivid imagery and irresistible characters, this book will put a smile on the reader's face. Millie the Westie will have one laughing out loud and shaking their heads in amusement. While Jenni's relationships with other characters are well defined, the romance between her and Scott feels slightly underdeveloped. In spite of the fact that Scott's ghostly grandmother plays a large part in them getting together, there is a lack of closure to that plot point. However, dog lovers will empathize with and appreciate the deep connection that Jenni and Millie share. Fast paced, humorous and heartwarming, Ms.  Mills’ winsome tale ticks all of the boxes. 

Chantel Hardge