Unchained Hearts (Baxter Family Saga #1)


INTERRACIAL:  On a nice Florida morning a car comes for Kyle Avery and is taking her to a meeting that she is not sure what or who to expect. A letter left for her by her late mother Virgilia does not hold many details. Once arriving at her location she is greeted by Cass Baxter who is the leader of Baxter Chemicals, which has been a family business for years. Kyle learns of many unknowns about her childhood and her mother’s life which has led her to where she is now. She also has a romance that takes an unexpected turn and leaves her with heartbreak. Can Kyle live with the truths she discovers?


“Unchained Hearts” is a story that will take readers through some forty years of history and a family history of how things were and how they were expected to be. Many twists and turns and some unpredictable scenarios ensue. There are multiple names for multiple characters in the story which is confusing and a lot to track. The plot moves briskly although is a bit choppy and difficult to follow at times. This is book one in a series and it lays a foundation for the series but also ends with unanswered questions that hopefully get addressed in the next book. This steamy romance of interracial relations will have readers knee deep in family drama wondering what’s in store next.


Julie Caicco