Unbridled Pursuit (Novak Springs #2)


Vitoria (Tori) Miene and Wes Novak have a rough relationship that is more hate for each other than anything else. Ginnifer is Tori’s best friend and planning her wedding, and Tori is her maid of honor. Wes is best man, brother of her best friend's fiancé, so the two are forced to spend time together and not in a fun, good way. Tori decides to move to Seattle to be with her best friend - her business can be done there so why not? Once she is in Seattle Wes is on the attack constantly. Tori is unclear where his feelings stem from. The reason for his hatred is not clear and Tori is taken aback each time Wes is on the attack. Tori finds a bit of her past while in Seattle, which is quite a surprise discovery!

Ms. Brower has a hot and steamy, spiteful romance brewing in “Unbridled Pursuit”. This is the second in the series but does stand alone. The characters are easy to get attached to right from the start. The element of mystery and the diverse family dynamics make for added drama to the plot. The flow of the story is easy going but does have some predictable elements. The tug of war between Tori and Wes is done at an even pace and easy to see how it came about. There is a twist to the story and not all is wrapped up in this book so readers will want to continue with the next installment in this series. Hold on to your hats, it's a wild ride!

Viola Robins