Unbranded (Montana Bred – Book 1)


WESTERN: Chloe McIntyre grew up on the family ranch. Years of working alongside the men has prepared her for what she wants most—to be named co-CEO of the entire operation. When she finds out she’s pregnant, and with her best friend’s baby, she feels ill-prepared for this new chapter in her life. Matt Cooper wants to prove himself as a rancher and when Chloe’s father offers him the position as co-CEO, rather than Chloe, Matt turns him down rather than risk his relationship with Chloe.

‘Unbranded’ is the beginning of new series of books with characters introduced in a previous series. The book can be read as a standalone and still enjoyed, but will be far more enjoyable for those who know the backstory. The author writes a fluid story, with a lot of detail and description. And, as with most family sagas, a lot of characters. At times it seems as if there are too many, with more time spent on the secondary characters than on Chloe and Matt. For that reason, labeling this a saga, rather than a romance, makes sense. For the most part, Chloe is a strong, independent woman. However, she makes a few bad judgements which come back to haunt her, but ultimately create growth for her character. Her interactions with the ranch hands, softens her rougher edges. Matt is the far more stable character and it’s easy to respect his decision regarding the job offer, and the way he accepts impending fatherhood and steps-up to his responsibilities. All in all, this is another winner from author Linda Bradley.

N.E. Kelley