Typhoon Toby (Forces of Nature #2)


LGBTQ:  Toby Griffiths may appear to have it all – talent, money, a brilliant mind and model good looks, but beneath the surface he suffers the lasting effects of abuse. By insisting on anonymity with lovers, he manages to keep his tempestuous past where it belongs, but a vacation fling in Bali changes everything. Spencer Hart returned home from Bali with pneumonia and a broken heart until a chance sighting has him arranging to meet up with Toby and a New Year’s kiss washes away the last of Toby’s resistance.  Can Spencer stand by his side and weather the storm as Toby’s secrets threaten to devastate his professional life, his longtime partnership with his best friend and their fledgling love affair?

This highly emotional romance pulls readers in and refuses to let them go. The story proceeds at a steady pace as the strong, captivating characters come to life and endear themselves to the readers. This story has readers experiencing the ups and downs of a whole gauntlet of emotions, including tears and laughter, alongside the characters as Toby and Spencer struggle to move forward with their relationship while standing by their friends and juggling their careers. Spencer has some social anxiety, which can be crippling, and Toby’s issues are dark and heavily emotional, which gives the story a bit of downside but as the romance progresses, it clearly shows how falling in love and friendships can help one overcome personal demons, which ensures readers can’t help but cheer for this couple’s happily ever after. 

E.L. Hurley