Two Room Flat


Bestselling romance novelist Claire Gissler hasn't been able to write a single sentence since her husband’s accidental death two years ago. With her savings nearly gone and her career free-falling, her only hope is a book tour in London. If only she could afford the move! Help arrives, but it's in the form of the man she blames for her husband’s death - his best friend, Adam Lambright. 

Adam’s life hasn’t been the same since losing his wife to cancer and then his best friend. He has stopped smiling and blames God. But Claire needs help he can provide, so he offers her the second room in the London flat he’s using for the summer so they can both pursue some new opportunities, and maybe even a little romance.


A sweet clean romance building on an older couple with successful past relationships that ended through no fault of their own, “Two Room Flat” is a wonderful read that romance readers of any age will enjoy.  This story differs from so many other romances in that Claire and Adam both have children fully grown, and they are established in their lives and careers. They are both struggling with moving past losing the people they love, and deciding if they can love again, yet Urbach successfully writes a book where they grow and move on together naturally. With alternating viewpoints, readers will follow both Claire and Adam as they discover they can love again, making the reader glad they picked added this book to their to-read pile!


Sarah E Bradley