Twisted Up In You (The Treyton Sisters Book 1)


Corinne Treyton has admired her boss Blake Lexington from afar for years. Hiding her inner wild child with a shy-girl facade, Cori keeps her true self hidden for fear that Blake won’t like who she really is. After years of being in love with Blake with no reciprocity Cori feels that it might be time to move on. Intent on protecting her heart and the truth of her painful past, she’s determined not to let anyone get too close. 


Blake Lexington has no idea his stunning assistant isn't as demure as she portrays herself to be. After he catches a glimpse of the real Cori he decides he wants her for more than her organizational skills. But will Cori put her doubts about romance aside and allow Blake’s burning kisses to melt her frozen heart?


 “Twisted Up in You” is gritty and intense from start to finish! Unfortunately this tale gets lost in the overzealous multiple plotlines and the abundance of side characters. The behavior of the main characters seems at odds with individuals who are college graduates and professionals. With emotions and actions that seem to contradict at every turn readers may have trouble relating to the characters. The twists become increasingly outlandish, and the many inconsistencies in the plot make it difficult for one to keep track of where the story is headed.  The original premise is a good one and with a thorough edit and a deeper focus on character development this book would be highly enjoyable.


Chantel Hardge