Twila’s Tempest


Twila is stuck in her grief. After losing both of her parents, she clings to what remains of them, their home in a Florida retirement community and the friends that come with it. Day in and day out Twila exhausts herself running errands, serving as a taxi, a repairman, fitness instructor - she does it all.  However, that leaves little time for her, which is precisely how she likes it.

Drake is no stranger to hard work. He used his time and education in the Marines to help him become the wealthy business owner he is today. Drake is happy living the bachelor life, much to his mother’s dismay. But the minute he lays eyes on Twila in the park, everything changes. Will Twila be able to move past her grief and start living again? Will Drake be able to let go of his bachelor ways? And with storms raging on land and sea, will they survive, together?

Batten down the hatches, this is going to be a bumpy ride! Ms. Waters takes the reader on a marvelous journey - from loss, to new-found friendship, to passion-filled love - this story has it all. Twila and Drake’s story is about so much more than finding “the one”. With a large cast of funny, real-life characters, it is a story about family, community and banding together in times of need. While some of the situations and reactions might be a bit hard to believe,“Twila’s Tempest”  is still a gem that anyone will be ecstatic they found!

Amelia Kitch