Twelve Nights


Beryl Foster is eagerly awaiting the announcement of her boss' successor. She is shocked to learn that her former fiancé, the one she met at her current firm fifteen years ago, is the one who is stepping into the position. Erik Lindholm is equally surprised that his former lover is still working at the same company, in a position he plans to replace. The story progresses into a tantalizing tangle of old lovers trying to work together while keeping former feelings at bay. At the threat of losing her job, Beryl considers other career options, working for a rival company, or taking her hobby of writing full-time. An eloquent tale of twelve nights of Christmas the two shared in the past and may have a chance to repeat it again. 

This is a unique story of a Christmas past to Christmas present, where the two jilted lovers are surprisingly united. It becomes a beautiful tale of second chances in love. Set in idyllic New York City during the holidays, this sweet novella is sure to sweep the reader away with the author's pristine prose and well-defined conflicts. The characters are easy to empathize with and draw the reader in to share their story. The inner dialogue of the main character draws the reader into her head and right into the action of the story, although the actions of the characters could be a bit romanticized at times. This story was close to being absolute perfection! 

Jessica Samuelsen