Twelve Kisses Later (Francisville #1)

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Lucy Duckworth liked her uncomplicated life, working at her book store and relaxing at home with her cats. But when her roommate Pam was so sick that she couldn’t make it to the Winter Carnival to man the kissing booth, Lucy very reluctantly went in her place. She didn’t relish the idea of kissing men she didn’t even know. Matthew didn’t want to go the carnival. He would rather stay at the ranch with his animals.  Ever since the breakup of his marriage he really didn’t want to socialize at all. Then he kissed Lucy at the carnival and he knew he wanted to get to know her better. His grandmother always said that you can tell if you have the right girl in twelve kisses.  As for Lucy - well, Matthew's kiss tilted her world on its axis!  Her grandmother had a saying too:  "You find the best things when you're not looking".  Could both of those wise ladies be right?

Sandra Sookoo takes the reader on a simple but beautiful journey of the beginnings of love. The author takes us through the steps that are known by most of us, the initial meeting, the first attraction, getting to know each other, the mistrust at first and slowly or sometimes rapidly the blossoming of love. Even though the story is very predictable, it isn’t boring. The reader sails along the sometimes bumpy but joyful trail of love and hope.

Rose Mary Espinoza