Twelve Hours in Manhattan


When her life starts falling apart, Bianca Maria Curtis meets a handsome man in a Manhattan bar. The man, Eric, happens to be the famous Korean drama celebrity, Park Hyun Min. He’s in the city for a short time to escape his fame, and the two somehow come together and embark on an adventure through the streets of New York – in only twelve hours. After spontaneous trips to places like the Empire State building, Bianca and Eric get to know one another, immersing themselves in the chemistry flowing between them. Nonetheless, the night must end eventually, and they must go back to their lives. But will Bianca and Eric keep fighting from opposite sides of the world to be together, even after their twelve magical hours?

This complex love story gracefully dives into the world of two lonely souls awakened from a deep sleep of heavy burdens. Somehow, the entire plot also revives readers with an exhilarating read of deep thoughts. However, the book is hard to get into: the conversations are confusing to keep up with, and there are messy mixed signals which become exhausting to read about. The slow burn is engaging and intriguing, but sometimes there’s too much fluff filling in the blanks of their romance. The characters are individually interesting, and Bianca is relatable, but the plot is cliché and predictable. The romantic connection is flourishing, though, and it’s powerfully understood and felt by readers. However, the plot is somewhat rushed, and one may struggle to keep up with the fast pace. This novel does still hit the right spot for those looking to read about a complex romantic connection.

Austen Grace