Turn Tables (Reel Romance Book 2)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Tandy Owens should be having the time of her life. Her friends, not to mention her boyfriend, are part of the upper echelon of society. Her BFF is a famous author and her wedding (in a castle, no less!) is where they will spend the weekend celebrating with the Hollywood elite in attendance. However, Tandy is anything but happy. Her main man Matthew is a sweetheart, but his alter ego, Mateo Cruz, is a womanizing musician who lives up to his reputation. Matthew swears that his love is true, and that Mateo is all show and no go.  Keeping their relationship a secret is all part and parcel of his persona, but is it? Watching Matthew/Mateo at work makes Tandy question everything. Which is his real personality, Matthew or Mateo?


“Turn Tables” is the second book in the Reel Romance series and does a great job standing on its own two feet. The characters are a mixed bag of selfish, charismatic, and odd characteristics: Tandy is a somewhat selfish, Matthew is charismatic and the 6-foot plush bear mascot is odd. There are a few scenes that will make a reader snort with laughter. Mateo’s manager is off the charts with her expectations of Mateo’s persona, which makes her unlikeable. The most relatable in this story is the friendship between Tandy and her BFF Aubrey. The wit and snark between these two is the highlight of this tale, and Ms. Rourke is a pro at witty dialogue!


Lynne Bryant