Turn the Paige (Book One in the Love Hurts Series)


Dr. Paige Ellis seems to have it all together when she inherits her Nana’s bungalow and a list of Nana's last requests to fulfill. She is blown away when she learns that her neighbor, Mr. Hot and Sexy, is none other than Nick Collins, the boy who in grade school puts a snake in her locker and a big wad of gum in her long hair. The relationship starts with animosity on Paige’s part until Nick falls off a ladder and breaks his arm. Then the doctor in her takes pity and drives the ailing Nick to the doctor. Nick, terrified of doctors, is hilarious when put into conscious sedation. He sings with gusto as his arm is set in the ER. Afterwards, he finds he has a hard time functioning without his other arm or Paige. Will Paige realize in time that she needs Nick more than he needs her?

“Turn the Paige” is a delightful, hilarious story haunted by Nana's presence. Paige and Nick are solid characters with a wide array of emotions that are never overplayed. The world building is fantastic and one will not be able to get those sixties colors of harvest gold and avocado out of their heads after hearing them described as the décor of the homey bungalow. Nick’s sister Sara and nephew Kyle are underdeveloped, although they are both essential characters in the novel. Travis and Clay are only names of characters that fill out the trivia teams and nothing else. “Turn the Paige” is a unique, amusing story sure to hold one’s attention until the very end. It is a positive beginning for this series.

Belinda Wilson