Tudor Rubato


After surviving being in a coma for numerous months, and the stress it has cost nearly rips them apart, internationally known rock star Amadeus Tudor and his wife Zara have decide they need to rekindle their relationship. A decision to move to Scotland is just the ticket to solve their problems.
A family tragedy almost stops them in their tracks but the matriarch of the family, Grace Tudor, won’t allow them to give up their plans. Making the move to Scotland turns out to be  just what the doctor ordered, and Amadeus is able to find his way back to the music and the wife he loves. The only thing hanging over their heads is whether the coma’s cause was health issues, or if it was attempted murder.
While the content of this book could be depressing, Ms. Salisbury writes her characters, and situations with emotional strength, and feeling. The only flaw one can find is that the sex scenes are a bit rigid, and the ending is a very large cliffhanger. This novella-length story is dramatic, and enticing, one gets to live the life of a rock -n-roll star - not to mention live in Scotland! And, it’s all wrapped up in intrigue, suspense, sex, drugs (just a mention) and rock n roll...baby!!!

Tonya Smalley