Tudor Reunion Tour (Tudor Dynasty #3)


Zara and Amadeus Tudor are happy living in Scotland raising their infant daughter Elizabeth, until backstage after one of Amadeus's concerts, Zara and Elizabeth are both attacked by a disgruntled band member. Zara does the only thing she can to save them.  Coping with the aftermath is not easy, but she's a fighter. Her sister-in-law Julia decides to put together a reunion tour for the brothers, Amadeus, Angus and Damien. Zara is skeptical, believeing that Julia is seeking to benefit only herself and wishes malice on the family.  When they decide to do the tour against Zara's wishes a spiral of disaster unfolds. Zara's only concern is her family and she'll stop at nothing to make sure they're safe.


Zara’s is a feisty character but a bit of a head case; however having to be strong in the light of disaster is understandable.  She and Amadeus have a heart-warming relationship that shines under a spotlight from time to time during the story.  Lacking  previous details on the background of the characters and the overall story will leave the first-time reader guessing. There just isn't enough time between the beginning events to really be invested in the plot and dwelling on the murder leaves one at a standstill. 


Once the story does finally jump that hurdle, however, it twists and turns and becomes enjoyably mysterious and intriguing.  The third book in the Tudor Dynasty series, this installment will undoubtedly be an entertaining story if you have read the earlier books in the series and or enjoy books set around musicians.


Margaret Faria