Trusting Travis


WESTERN:  Mari Jones has not had a good life. It has been a fight for as long as she can remember and she has learned to trust no one but herself.  When she finds herself in the small town of Hollister, Montana with its warm and welcoming people, she sees it as too good to be true.  

Travis Hollister has a great life, a successful run as a rodeo cowboy and now a horse ranch that he loves in his hometown.  But when an accident puts him out of commission, he finds himself accepting assistance from the enigmatic Mari.  As wary as a wild horse but with a kind and fighting spirit that shines through, Travis must find a way to show her that trusting can sometimes lead to all her dreams coming true.

What a fabulous slow-burn romance!  This author deftly explores a woman traumatized by life and her growth into acceptance and love.  It is expertly handled and emotionally satisfying as the reader follows Mari’s character from her extreme shyness to a woman who can allow her beauty to shine without as well as within. The kindness in her and in the people of this small town is both refreshing and endearing. It is the perfect book for anyone who loves small-town romance, horses, sexy, hardworking cowboys, real and honest people and a sweet but rich story that leaves one sighing with pleasure as that last page closes.

Ruth Lynn Ritter