Truelove Trail (Waverly Lake – Book 2)

Tracy Bennett is working at Aunt Dee’s Lodge in hopes of raising money for a trip to New Zealand. Ben Walker has returned to Waverly Lake to handle his late parents’ affairs. However, he wishes to do so without others knowing who he is, so he assumes a different last name. He too ends up working at the lodge. When he realizes that Tracy is the same girl he knew as a child, he feels guilty about deceiving her, but he’s still determined to keep his anonymity. Tracy and Ben are assigned a project, Dee’s annual Lovetoberfest, a round-robin dating event. When they must scope out the possible locations for dates, Ben and Tracy are repeatedly thrown together.
 “Truelove Trail” is a well-written, sweet romance that reunites two childhood friends- even though only one of them realizes it at first. The fact that Tracy is somewhat leery of the mysterious Ben is an added plus to her character development. Aunt Dee’s character adds a nice layer of support. The time Tracy and Ben spend together on their fake dates escalates their attraction at a smooth pace. When Ben’s subterfuge is revealed, Tracy’s reaction is predictable, yet warranted. Seeing them come to grips with Ben’s reasoning and Tracy’s understanding of why he did what he did was handled well, if not a bit too quickly. For fans of sweet contemporary romance, this book would be a nice addition to one’s collection. If readers want to know more about the recurring characters and the setting, they may also wish to go back and read the first book in the series, although each book stands alone.
N.E. Kelley