The Trouble with Snowmen


After another failed relationship with a “snowman” hot guy that loved her and left her, Haley Monroe’s friend Maximilian tells her to learn from her mistakes by becoming a snowman herself. However, Haley takes it too far and chooses a target that she may not want to leave. Horror author Larry White attended Maximilian’s séance as research for his books. Mistaking Haley as a prostitute he takes her drunken flirting as a chance for further research. One unexpected weekend leaves both of them mixed up and in for more surprises, when they meet again and discover that neither of them is who they thought.

This is a romance combined with a serious case of mistaken identity and miscommunication. Haley is naïve but fun, while Larry is serious and in need of the sunshine Haley brings. Together they make a cute couple, and their friends and ex-girlfriends add both conflict and humor. A nice fluffy read, "The Trouble with Snowmen" is somewhat predictable and lacking in twists. Readers might also find Haley’s naiveté a bit overdone. Still, the romance between Haley and Larry is well written and full of true-life sparks that isn't just boiled down to insta-love or attraction.  A nice romance for a cozy evening.

Sarah E. Bradley