The Trouble with Flying (The Trouble Series, #1)


Sarah has her life all figured out – she’ll marry her boyfriend Matt, and they’ll live happily ever after.  It’s not what Sarah really wants but she is agreeable and easygoing, just the kind of girl Matt likes to control, and he won’t give her up without a fight. They might have gone on forever had Sarah had not met Aiden on an airplane. 


He’s funny, he’s cute, and he doesn’t want to control her. Sarah falls head over heels in love, and Aiden kissing her certainly doesn’t help. They part ways expecting never to see each other again, except Aiden turns out to be Matt’s cousin.  What are the odds of that?! They are all together for the weekend, and now she has to choose – what does she really want?  


“Flying” is a well-written tale of a modern-day damsel trying to decide which prince to choose. The triangle formed by Sarah, Matt, and Aiden has an engaging edge, and keeps the story moving, seesawing back and forth. The backdrop of South Africa adds a fascinating touch, with foods, customs, and dialogue that transplant the reader to another country. Prior editing would have resolved grammatical word usage problems. Due to the shortness of the book, the plot moves rather quickly, when a slower pace would have allowed the story to develop with more depth. “Flying” begs for attention at every turn, teasing with Sarah’s romantic woes and the choices she has to make.

Victoria Z. Burg