Trapped Under Ice (Rocking Romance #1)


Beth Donavan is a thirty-seven year old widow struggling to raise her 16 year old daughter alone.  So, when Cassie surprises her for Christmas with tickets to see “Trapped Under Ice”, her rabid crush, mega selling hard rock band,  Beth is ecstatic.  After the concert, however, her dream turns into a nightmare when she and Cassie are brutally attacked.

Chad Evans is the tortured lead singer that everyone in the world wants. Tortured in that he can’t seem to escape his past and hates himself for it.  Everything changes when he finds a woman being attacked after a concert.  He intervenes and discovers the woman he has always wished for.  How does he convince her to stay when he knows she shouldn’t?


On the surface, this book is every woman’s rock star fantasy come to life.  The writing is good, the words flow smoothly and reading is easy.  What starts as a page turner, however, soon becomes more and more unrealistic until, by the end, it is shake the head unbelievable.  While one might accept a lunch lady/mega selling rock star/one night stand romance, then stretch to make it love at first fling -  to believe policemen who don’t dare chase down a murderer and stand outside to await the fate of said characters, along with an equally far-fetched climax,  it leaves even the most determined rolling their eyes.  All in all, it’s an implausible fantasy trying to stay grounded in reality.  If one doesn’t mind suspending belief to that extent, it’s could also be a fun escape.


Ruth Lynn Ritter