Trapped in Tourist Town


Cady runs Logan’s coffee shop and dreams of earning enough money to leave dull Scallop Shores for the excitement of New York City. The thought of falling for a hometown boy appalls her. Then one day an attractive travel magazine reporter, Burke Sanders, comes to town to on special assignment.  Burke is tired of moving around covering plum assignments and falls in love with Scallop Shores. He also falls in love with the only resident bound and determined to leave town! Cady recognizes the chemistry between the two of them, but sees no way for them to work things out. Burke, fresh from the city, sees a compromise, if only Cady is willing to bend.


This is a sweet story in a beautiful, small town setting. When Burke enters the scene, he is the object of much interest, true to form. There are many characters in this novel, but Ms. DeCuir is able to give them each colorful personalities that are delightful to behold. She is also able to capture the many faces of nature’s personality when the hurricane hits and the aftermath. Both Cady and Burke are multilayered characters who have a rich depth that is demonstrated through the angst they feel when making their life-changing decisions. This is a wonderful, short, cozy read to while away an afternoon! 


Belinda Wilson