Too Close


Nicola, a travel editor is preoccupied by her work. She has absolutely no time for dating and what’s more she will not break her rule of not dating work colleagues.  She’s been down that road before. Greg, the new guy in finance, certainly looks tempting but Nicola is strong enough to resist his charm, or so she thinks. Greg comes into her life like a breath of fresh air she didn’t realize she needed.  When she meets his  parents, speculations and confessions turn her life emotionally upside down. The possibility of losing Greg is more than she can bear.  

"Too Close" has a very steady pace which allows the reader a lot of comfort. As the details become more intense, the story takes on a slightly darker tone.  Greg is persistent and full of surprises.  He becomes the kind of guy that a woman would be willing to break rules for.  Nicola comes off a little colder in comparison and though she goes through quite an emotional upheaval in this story, she fails to completely win over the reader. There is some content that some may find offensive and some sexual behavior that again may not be everyone's cup of tea; some uncommon situations that without a doubt make this a very intriguing story.  There is an abundance of emotion and reflection by the characters. For those seeking a unique type of love story and enjoy pushing the boundaries this would be a good choice.


Margaret Faria