Time's Dagger


TIME TRAVEL: A backpacking trip in the wilds of Ireland takes a strange turn for Dillon Kelly when a mysterious encounter brings Dillon in contact with a druidic dagger, and a strange dream hurls him into the fourteenth century where everything from the politics to the culture are foreign to the Physician’s Assistant from Seattle. Ailish has always wanted to be a bard and a druid. However, in her time women are forbidden from both. Although Dillon sees through her boy disguise to the woman inside, the strange outlander constantly acts out of his station and tempts many with the druidic artifact he carries. Ailish knows the dagger needs to be given to her druidic master immediately, but with secrets all around, it will take trust and love to connect two completely different people and keep the dagger safe.

A deliciously fun time travel tale with a heavy dose of romantic comedy, Dillon is a bumbling fish out of water who meets all the expectations of a modern idealist in a medieval age, and Ailish is a practical girl with big dreams that barely fits her time. Their romance and its conclusion are inevitable in the way that Hallmark movies are sweet and delicious. At the same time, only three of the characters have any depth, and the story could easily be a short story in terms of complexity, and some unexplained occurrences are simply dismissed or explained as magic. Still, while the plot is predictable, there are moments of originality and in terms of levity and sweet romance, this story is the kind that fans of this genre will adore!

Sarah E Bradley