Timeless Romance Anthology/Spring

Heather B. Moore, Josi S. Kilpack, Annette Lyon
Heather Justesen, Sarah M. Eden, Aubrey Mace
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Spring break.  A great time to relax, rejuvenate, and let fiction whisk you away to new destinations! Travel with Sarah to Cozumel and see if Clint is really all he seems to be, or if there is another secretly waiting for her Moonlight Kiss. Then race across the country Chasing Tess and discover if James could ever be the man Tess hoped he would. Jump over to Texas and see how Dancing at the Flea Market might not be what Mara expected to do on her vacation, but then neither was falling for a handsome widower. Sneak along as an amateur sleuth with Madison as she plans to uproot her mom’s newest boyfriend, but soon finds out it is her own old flame that will upset her Best Laid Plans. Then leave small town life behind for the warm beaches of California with Gemma and her old high school friends to see if friendship could be love and if Gemma’s life could really be Picture Perfect. Finally, finish the journey with The Science of Sentiment and experience a sizzling kiss that could melt the snows and bring summer early to the little cabin in the woods. 

This delightful collection of six short stories focuses on spring break, vacations and romance. With this contemporary assortment of different writing styles, there is definitely something for every sweet romance reader! All six books are wonderfully well-written, and while one or two may overreach at times and perhaps be slightly unbelievable, the overall collection is like a buffet of mini desserts: diverse, delectable, sweet and satisfying!  


Stephenia McGee