TimberBeast (TimberBeast, #1)


Kelsy’s got it all figured out – she’s going to marry Sandy and live happily ever after.  So, what’s wrong?  Sandy keeps getting on her nerves, demanding and possessive, pushing her to get married.  When her parents are killed in a plane crash, her life takes a sudden turn for the worse and Kelsy almost loses her life and lands in the hospital.  When Kelsy finally awakens, she’s not the woman she was, in more ways than one.  As the weeks limp by, she hides at home and wonders what she’ll do now.  When she spots an ad from Friends of the Forest asking for volunteers, it seems perfect.  Unfortunately, she gets more than she bargained for.  Kelsy goes undercover to spy on the loggers in the mountains, posing as a college student on a bird watching assignment.  Her misadventures don’t fool anyone, but when she meets Fox and her heart goes south. 

TimberBeast is a modern day thriller, as Kelsy moves from climbing corporate ladders to climbing trees.  The love triangle with Kelsy, Sandy, and Fox twists and turns, teasing readers while Kelsy bounces back and forth.  The story has several hanging threads – the couple in the grocery store, Kelsy’s illnesses – which drop off with no explanation.  The insights into the logging world make for excellent reading, although Kelsy’s troubles in the forest and Fox’s convenient rescues were predictable.  Still, readers won’t be able to put the book down, and will be left hoping that Book Two will tell answer the questions of whether or not Kelsy finds a relationship with Fox, and helps save the forest.

Victoria Z. Burg