Thrown By Love (The Tavonesi Series #2)


Cosmology Professor Chloe McNalley is thrown a curve ball when her father, owner of a San Jose baseball team, dies unexpectedly. She’s become the new owner of the baseball team and all of its players, which includes the man she shared a very passionate kiss with at a charity ball. A man and a kiss she can’t forget. 

Scotty Donovan, ace pitcher for the team Chloe owns, has fallen head over heels in love with her. However, there is an owner/player dating taboo to contend with, so they must keep their attraction a secret. When a blackmailer hoping to destroy their careers, enters their lives, they must find a way to overcome the obstacles trying to keep them apart.

This romantic story starts with a passionate kiss shared and ends in happily ever after. The main characters are believable, likable, and have the reader rooting for them to overcome the obstacles in the path of their true love. The story line flows smoothly and at a very nice pace. However, the dating taboo seems a little outdated in today’s society, especially in California, a state known for its easy acceptance and laid back style of living. Nevertheless, it is a well-written, enjoyable read.

This captivating tale catches the reader’s attention with its elements of family, love, sizzling chemistry, smoldering sex scenes, and passion. The added element of baseball not only increases the appeal of this book but also includes much information about the sport and the behind the scene workings. “Thrown By Love” is a sure hit for readers of contemporary romance and sports enthusiasts alike!

Janna Shay