Through the Red Door (The Book Nirvana Series 1)


Clara is rapidly approaching the anniversary of her husband's death and her world is on the edge of collapse. Book Nirvana, the bookstore she started with her deceased husband, is on the brink of financial ruin. As the anniversary of her husband's death approaches, Clara feels like her world is imploding. When Nick Papadopoulos, a handsome visiting scholar, asks to see Book Nirvana's secured collection of erotic art, will Clara find the courage to allow Nick through the red door into the private collection? Will allowing him into the book collection mean more than she is prepared to give? When her employee invites her to his running club and introduces her to his nephew, Doug, he offers to help her expand the store.  But does that mean they are more than just friends? 

From the get go, "Through the Red Door" sizzles. Steamy sex scenes are enhanced with discussion of erotic art. Clara is a vibrant and sympathetic character but unfortunately, both the men in the book leave something to be desired. Nick and Clara spark passion, but their relationship seems based mostly on the physical. Where Clara and Doug lack passion, they make up for in friendship and compatibility.  Also present is the spirit of Jared, Clara’s deceased husband, who seems to be sending her messages from the beyond.  The three-way tug of war Clara finds herself in, on top of her bookstore on the brink of failure is an almost overwhelming amount of tension.  Fortunately, passionate relationships and a well-paced plot keep the book moving with heart and heat.

Elissa Blabac