Three Days of Rain

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Jake Morgan has endured a rough time the past few years.  After being involved in a tumultuous three year relationship with the drug-addicted and highly unstable Maddie Olsen, she left him and disappeared and he has been alone ever since.  He is unable to forget her, incapable of getting on with his life, and spends his time pining away for a woman long gone. When Lily comes to town while on a break from college, Jake finds her to be gentle and kind,  a kindred spirit.  They become friendly, and Jake cries on her shoulder over his beloved Maddie.  They bond while running together and doing work around his house, and slowly build a relationship. Just when there seems to be a chance for Jake to move on to a future with Lily, the past rears its ugly head and he finds himself once again enmeshed in the pain and heartbreak of the failed relationship with Maddie.

This is a dark story filled with troubled characters. Maddie is hamhandedly painted as the disturbed ex-girlfriend, and Jake is emotionally stunted. There were times when readers will just want to tell him to man up and move on with his life! There is so much drama at all times with little reprieve. Lily was the only character the reader ends up having much empathy for.  As for the story itself, it might have made a much better impact without the continual, confusing flashbacks that had no rhyme or reason.  While ‘Three Days of Rain’ was a fairly interesting read, it was also a depressing story with little relief from the continual sadness and tragedy.  


Faith Turner