Third Time’s a Charm

Heather B.

Liz Carlson has had it with men.  After two marriages to dead-beat losers, she has decided to take Dr. Laura’s advice and wait until her daughter is grown before even attempting another relationship.  Being a single parent is hard, though, and when a phone call to her apartment’s maintenance dept. to fix a leak produces handsome Sloane Branden, her resolve seriously weakens.
Sloane is no stranger to the hard luck in marriage department, either.  Still dealing with law suits plaguing his messy divorce two years previous, Sloane has shied away from any female entanglements.  Something about Liz touches him, however and he can’t seem to stay away.   Can two people down on their love-luck and hesitant to fall discover the joy of romance again?
In this sweet novella, Ms. Moore has created unique but honestly flawed characters that are almost too realistic!  Liz is a hairdresser, twice divorced, and a single mother who spends way too much money shopping for good-deals. This makes for a rather hard character to like or sympathize with.  It also makes it difficult to see why Sloane is so taken with her. As the story progresses though, the quick, tight writing style along with the quirky twists and turns of the story will capture the reader’s attention along with one’s heart!  And, as the last page is turned, one realizes they have just experienced a a short, but wonderfully fun escape!
TJ Mackay