There Are No Men (Rom-Com on the Edge #1)

Carol Maloney

ROMANTIC COMEDY/CHICK-LIT:  Claire is a divorced thirty-something woman putting herself out in the dating world. She decides to only date middle-aged men who won’t want children, though, since she is infertile. That plan turns out to be disastrous, however, when two twenty-something men she really does want to know better enter her life. She pushes them away, even though she could fall in love with them, because they will want a family someday.  Could she trust her heart to any man again when she can’t give them the child they will undoubtedly want?

 Claire, our heroine, is a hot mess, but the reader will find a new book boyfriend in Brandon, the sexy lead singer who moves in next door to Claire. He is caring, sweet, and a definite bright spot in the cast of men who are interested in her. Unfortunately, Claire is a less relatable character. She claims to be trying to find love, but doesn’t seem to realize that being falling down drunk on most dates isn’t the way to go about it. There were a few funny moments with her dating experiences, but for the most part it was repetitive and the reader just feels sorry for her. Claire doesn’t experience any character growth and it’s obvious she needs therapy before she’d be truly ready for any relationship. There is a happily-ever-after ending, though, and readers will enjoy Claire’s interactions with Dixie, her furry dog baby.

 Kate Campbell