Their No-Strings Affair (City of Dreams Book 3)


When her boyfriend cheats on her, Honey decides it's time to move to the big city and get her art career off the ground. All she has to do is find a job and an apartment, and she can finally get to work. The unexpected arrives in the form of Jake, a man who has been through a lot in his life. When he was a navy SEAL, he made a promise that he plans to keep. Now as a security expert, he's hell bent on keeping that promise. He finds Honey, and she's sweet, kind and beautiful. They embark on a no-strings affair to let off some steam, but no-strings affairs have a nasty habit of becoming more than that in no time flat.

A beautiful novel with a free-spirited artist and a broken man in need of some love. These characters are very different from one another, but Charlotte O'Shay really makes it work with the buildup of sexual tension between them. The plot mostly moves at an even pace which makes this book a nice read for vacation or even on the morning commute. In some places, however, the storyline could have been sped up a little as it sort of drags in places. There's no denying the yearning for Jake to get a happily ever after, and Honey seems like the perfect person to make it happen. Without a doubt, an author that readers will go back to again and again for an escape from their normal life and into a world of romance and red-hot passion. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick