Their Bond Through Jade


Tiffany Cahill has had it rough. Her ex-boyfriend beat her so brutally that she ended up in the hospital. About a year later, she tries to move on, until the police show up at her front door. She is told that her ex-boyfriend has been murdered. Not long after that, someone looking for a list he left behind attacks her. Panicking, she calls her best friend, but she does not recognize the voice at the end of the line. Mat Apanui is concerned when he hears the fear in Tiffany’s voice and decides to reach out to her. They meet and discover they have the same friends. They find themselves falling for each other extremely fast. Tiffany is hesitant to trust a stranger but cannot deny how her heart feels. 

This story is suspenseful from beginning to end! There is an immediate connection to the characters. The book explores love, hesitation and healing. Tiffany is a wonderful main character: once traumatized, she finds it difficult to trust again. With her life at stake, many may assume that she would lean on Mat for guidance, however, she believes in handling the situation on her own. This makes her character very admirable.  However, the reader may find it hard to believe how quickly this love evolves. At times, situations arise that seem unrealistic. Nevertheless, this story is gripping and shows how love can help a person heal. This blood-pumping novel will keep the reader hooked until the very end. 

Amanda Hupe