Thankfully Yours


Cheryl Summers and Mark Duncan are both looking for something temporary and sign up for online dating as the answer. Cheryl’s last boyfriend cheated on her and she worries about being dateless for the annual Fall Festival. Mark is divorced and his college-age daughter worries about him.  She wants him to find happiness with another partner more his age rather than the younger ladies he's been keeping company with lately. Mark wants a date for Thanksgiving dinner to ease his daughter's worries.  When the two meet and the dating begins, they feel at ease and very comfortable with each other. Should they come clean and admit that nothing long term will come of their dating or is there more there than either wants to admit?


Ms. Rose done exactly what she should with this novella, which is to keep the reader wanting more. This is a wonderful version of a mature love story, but tends to be predictable. The online dating, health struggles and the emotions that come with a failed marriage are a reality that no one wants to repeat. The hero and heroine are trying their best to get by in their current situations without getting their hearts broken once again. “Thankfully Yours” is deftly written; with supporting characters that are as lovable as the main characters which keeps the story grounded and fun. This is the third in the series and does stand alone as an enjoyable holiday read.


Julie Caicco