Thailand with the Tycoon


Caleb left his family hotel business with no intentions of ever returning, but when his brother Ian suffers a heart attack, Caleb must fill in for him on a trip to Thailand.  Wanting to get back to his own life quickly, Caleb is determined to keep his mind solely on business—until he sets eyes on Malee.  Hired as a translator, Malee arrives at the airport with one goal in mind, convince Mr. Doyle to buy the resort, but when she meets Caleb, her heart has another goal. Pushing aside fantasy, Malee guides Caleb up the mountain to the resort.  When a rainstorm washes out the road, the two find themselves trapped together and find it impossible to keep a respectable distance.  With more than just a business transaction on the line, Caleb and Malee must decide what is more important, money or love.

A steamy romance, “Thailand with the Tycoon” is sure to satisfy readers until the final page.  From lovable characters, to a fun storyline all told from the Thailand jungle, there is something for everyone.  Malee and Caleb’s sizzling chemistry together will not disappoint! Unfortunately, lack of much real character growth leaves the reader with little substance to hold on to.  Ms. Adams weaves great detail into most scenes; sometimes with a little too much detail, and at other times, she glosses over more important aspects of the story.  Minor quibbles aside, with the backdrop of a beautiful Thai mountainside and a story full of passion, readers are going to thoroughly enjoy being swept away by this story.

Amy Cefoldo