Texas Two Step


Was that Chad? No. It couldn’t be. This man looked uncannily similar, though. Maybe it was just Chloe’s imagination—wishful thinking. Or maybe the trauma of the shooting in her women’s shelter was playing with her head. After all, it had been two years now since she’d seen him, and she’d moved on. Moved on in a big way, even. So why did the thought of him still make her heart race?

Chad didn’t want to return to Texas. There were too many reasons to stay far away, not the least of which was his tumultuous relationship with his brother, and the ex-girlfriend he never got over. Returning here meant facing fears and demons he’d gone to great lengths to avoid. But what choice did he have?

“Texas Two Step” is a swirl of wounded relationships, tempestuous love, and spinning plot lines. The author does a terrific job starting things off with a bang and expertly keeping that heady pace through to the end. The one main fault were breaks in character—times when the character would do something completely contrary to their personality. For some this isn’t an issue, but for others it distracts uncomfortably from the story. Despite this, the overall message is touching and compelling, leaving the reader with a satisfied sigh upon turning the last page.      

Sofia St. Angeles