The Texas Cowboy (Return to Folly #1)


Ash has lived in England most of his life, but his heart has always lived in Folly, Texas. When his father passed away, potentially leaving him heir to Marathon Ranch, he knew it was time to go home for good. Since watching his parents' marriage fall into ruin, love has never been high on his bucket list, but then, he never counted on meeting the fiery Trish, one of his new ranch hands and a true cowgirl. Now he can’t get her feisty spirit off his mind, but with the threat of horse thieves, the battle to put the ranch in the racing spotlight, and the romantic roadblocks, love seems as daunting a task as getting on the back of a wild young stallion for the first time. But when the prize is Trish’s heart, the risk is worth it.

Horse races, horse thieves, and a good wholesome hometown love gives this country romance the comforting feeling of coming home. Ash’s passion for Texas, his horses, and his new business pours off the page, and his feelings for Trish are a swoon-worthy force sure to win hearts. Trish is just as passionate about the horses in a way that shows just how protective and mothering she can be. While the story ensures something for every cowboy romance fan by mixing a little bit of intrigue and danger into a sweet country story, some of the pacing is lost as descriptions get a little heavy handed, and at times, repetitive. With a little polish to the descriptions, this fresh outlook on the cowboy rancher romance will be one to remember.

Annalee Stilove